Head Optical Infrared Group NOVA

The NOVA Optical Infrared instrumentation Group at ASTRON develops astronomical instruments of world class. The Head of the group manages a team of 25 highly skilled professionals on a daily basis. The head is assisted by a program manager as part of a matrix organisation. The head of this group reports to the Executive director […]

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Word of a staff member
Andre Gunst
Group leader

My work at ASTRON is very interesting! Mainly because I can solve many challenging and complex problems. To solve these problems, I use the latest technologies. I think it’s important that I help astronomers to unravel the puzzle of the universe. The most inspiring of my work is that I work together with colleagues from […]

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Stralend neemt Wim zijn prijs in ontvangst van de voorzitter van het Vederfonds FranΓ§oise Kosters, gefelicteerd Wim! pic.twitter.com/w2mz…

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