System Administrator

Are you a flexible, accurate administrator and a team player? Your second home is your Linux server park? You are familiar with high performance system administration in combination with large data volumes and want to work in a dynamic international scientific environment? Then you might be our new System Administrator Job description: As a system […]

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Postdoctoral position on Neutral hydrogen in nearby galaxies

MeerGas is a project to study how galaxies acquire their neutral hydrogen gas. Using the new MeerKAT radio synthesis telescope in South Africa, we are obtaining ultra-deep observations of the neutral hydrogen in 30 nearby galaxies (as part of the MeerKAT MHONGOOSE Large Science Project). We will use these to find and characterise signs of […]

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    Astronomy & Operations
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Gemma Janssen

From an early age I knew I wanted to become an astronomer, and I chose to study astronomy after high school. During my PhD research, that focussed on the precise measurement of radio pulsars, I gained a lot of experience in observing with the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope. The wide range of project that I […]

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Daily image of the week: In ASTRON 2.0, the R&D computing group (photo) and R&D DESP group are merged into the I&S smart backend group.…

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