Postdoctoral researcher in Radio Astronomy for Apertif
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We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated astronomer with experience in the field of radio astronomy as a:

 Postdoctoral researcher in Radio Astronomy for Apertif (f/m)


Job description:

  • perform astronomical research based on data collected with Apertif, the phased-array feed upgrade of the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope
  • develop and implement automated data reduction and analysis pipelines for Apertif data

With Apertif, the wide-field upgrade of the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope operated by ASTRON, a number of large-area imaging spectral line and continuum surveys at 1.4 GHz will be performed in the coming years. These surveys offer very significant improvements over exiting surveys in this frequency band in terms of spatial resolution and in sensitivity. They will allow to make important progress in areas ranging from the relation between gas, environment and galaxy evolution, between gas and star formation, galaxy structure and dynamics, the properties of the smallest dwarf galaxies, the relation between the interstellar medium and active galactic nuclei, and the evolution of radio galaxies. For many of these topics, the synergy with the LOw Frequency ARray (LOFAR), also operated by ASTRON, is unique and very powerful.

As member of the Apertif Survey Team, you participate in the Apertif Surveys and are involved in the interpretation and publication of the results. You will also work on further development and implementation of data reduction and analysis software and pipelines for Apertif data.

The postdoctoral researcher will work at the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy, ASTRON, in Dwingeloo.

Job requirements

  • a PhD degree in astronomy, astrophysics, or a related discipline;
  • experience in one of the fields relevant for the Apertif Surveys;
  • experience with radio astronomy observations and techniques;
  • experience with development and implementation of software for radio astronomy;
  • publication experience in refereed scientific journals;
  • good oral and written communications skills in English.

We offer:

  • a contract for two years plus a one year extension, pending good performance
  • a stimulating work environment with access to excellent computational and observational facilities, and ample travel support for conferences or work visits
  • time and support for the pursuit of own, independent research
  • excellent benefits including pension, flexible conditions of employment tailored to your personal situation, generous relocation expenses, and support with finding accommodation.

The organization:

ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy, is located just outside the town of Dwingeloo, in The Netherlands. Its mission is to make discoveries in radio astronomy happen via the development of novel and innovative technologies, the operation of world-class radio astronomy facilities and the pursuit of fundamental astronomical research.

You will work in the ASTRON Galaxy Group, which currently consists of seven staff members (Morganti, Oosterloo, de Blok, Wise, McKean, Adams, and Shimwell), 8 post-docs and several PhD students, and which has strong ties to the Universities of Groningen, Leiden and Amsterdam. The interests in this group are varied and range from galaxy structure and dynamics, the interstellar and intergalactic medium, galaxy clusters, gravitational lensing, cosmic magnetism, large continuum and HI surveys, to Active Galactic Nuclei.

More generally, ASTRON astronomers are active in many other frontline research areas, such as the Epoch of Reionisation, pulsars and compact objects, and the transient radio sky. They are also heavily involved in the operation and use of the WSRT and of LOFAR, and in large-scale processing and archiving of astronomical data. ASTRON astronomers are also involved in preparations for the SKA. Other front-line research facilities available to astronomers resident in the Netherlands include XMM, ESO, ALMA, and the ING telescopes.


For more information about ASTRON, check on our website and For more information about this vacancy please contact Erika Timmerman, HR Officer, phone: +31 521 595 100 or e-mail: For informal enquiries please contact Prof. Dr. Tom Oosterloo in the Astronomy Group, e-mail:


You can apply for this job ( 2018-01-005) via the ‘Apply now’ button below. Applications should include an introduction letter, curriculum vitae, and description of research interests. Please also arrange for three letters of reference to be sent to

The deadline for submitting applications is April 15, 2018. Candidates will be considered until the position has been filled.

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