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ASTRON’s mission is to make discoveries in radio astronomy happen.  Our software staff teams play a vital role in our exciting institute. More than 35 staff are engaged in ensuring our radio telescopes operate to full capacity, apply novel algorithms to obtain scientific results from the raw observational data, and are deeply embedded in the development of new technologies for the future.

We are always interested in hiring software staff on all levels. You are welcome to submit your CV and statement of expertise at any time. This is your chance to enrich your career and be part of pushing the limit of what we know of the universe.

ASTRON’s software teams focus on three distinct expertise groups. Each group has a core capability and a range of responsibilities.

We have software experts focusing on:

  • algorithmic innovation;
  • high performance and high throughput computing;
  • integrated hardware and software solutions.

Other software experts work on systems for our two telescopes, Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) and the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT), including:

  • planning and developing of new features;
  • upgrade the monitoring and control software;
  • support the data processing and the external software developments that contribute to it;
  • explore and deploy new techniques to enhance the entire data flow from antenna to data archive.

Software experts work closely with our research astronomers and have core skills in:

  • improving the availability and access to ASTRON data collections;
  • developing new analysis tools and capabilities for the astronomy community;
  • research into advanced data science techniques to support users;
  • science in the era of data intensive astronomy.

Currently we are searching for:

  • multiple software developers across all teams.

For more information on specific requirements or the positions, please contact: Diana Verweij – Head of Human Resources ( |

Word of a staff member
Tammo Jan Dijkema
Scientific software engineer

Het werk bij ASTRON sluit perfect aan bij mijn studie Scientific Computing, op het grensvlak tussen natuurkunde, wiskunde en informatica. Ik werk onder andere aan de wiskunde om natuurkundige en astronomische berekeningen sneller uit te voeren op supercomputers. Hierdoor kunnen de astronomen veel efficiënter hun berekeningen uit voeren. Ik vind de locatie van het hoofdkantoor […]

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