Roelof Boesenkool

Head ICT

ASTRON is a good and fine employer for me. I get many opportunities to develop myself both personally and professionally. That is one of the reasons I started working at ASTRON. You can give direction to your career if you know how to seize the opportunities. In addition I find it nice to work in international environment with professionals.

For me it is a great challenge, in the field of ICT, to meet the high expectations of our scientists every time. It is necessary to cooperate with other scientific institutions, so we always stay ahead. In this way we take full advantage of present and future technologies.

I can say without hesitation that the best part of my day job is the interaction and collaboration with colleagues. Colleagues at ASTRON have very different hobbies and interests, the one even more special than the other. I can honestly say that I have very nice colleagues.

ASTRON has a very active staff association (Personeelsvereniging), which organizes diverse and varied activities. I have, as an active athlete, participated in jogging competitions and clinics, ski activities, kart racing and many other activities. I can recommend everybody to join the PV.


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Boudewijn Hut
Junior commissioning engineer

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Congratulations to our head of Astronomy & Operations @markbentum for the best Bachelor Teacher Award 2021 @TUeindhoven! 🥳…

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