Working at Astron

Working at ASTRON means working in an international environment with highly skilled professionals in a result-oriented, academic atmosphere. Whether you're an astronomer, engineer, software developer, technician or support staff, your job at ASTRON is innovative and ground breaking.

ASTRON Netherlands institute for Radio Astronomy.

ASTRON making discoveries in radio astronomy happen.


Employment conditions

ASTRON is a subsidiary of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). NWO constitutes together with some other ‘scientific’ employers the  Employers organization for Research Councils (WVOI). WVOI has its own collective labour agreement. In this labour agreement are the salary scales included that also apply to ASTRON.
Your salary at ASTRON is determined by the level, experience and the nature of the job. This goes together with an appropriate salary scale. At ASTRON you can assume that you are well paid for the job you are doing. By delivering a good job and with more experience your salary can rise quickly.
Custom employment terms offers you the option of making choices regarding the composition of your employment terms packages. So can you for example exchange vacation leave hours to by a bicycle or you can exchange gross salary for more vacation leave.
ASTRON offers various ways to develop your career, like for example: learning on the job, commitment in challenging projects which appeals to your talents and capacities, visiting conferences, training programs and of course sharing the knowledge within the institute itself, for example by organizing colloquia. Within ASTRON several fields of expertise offer the possibility to develop from a junior to a senior level.
To reinforce your career development ASTRON offers you the right to education. This may, in the context of a proper exercise of a present or future position in ASTRON. But also in the context of increasing the employability inside and outside the organization. Therefore we can offer you study leave and / or reimbursement of the study costs.
For necessary traveling expenses of commuting you will get a generous compensation.
There are generous allowances for you as a new employee if you are from abroad and you will have to settle in the Netherlands. This includes compensation of the transport (moving) costs and a compensation for the restructuring costs. In some cases, you will also receive a compensation if you need to move from somewhere within the Netherlands to Dwingeloo.
As an employee at ASTRON, you can use the collective discounts on all kinds of insurance, so also on the health insurance. Employees of ASTRON can get insurance with VGZ at competitive prices. Look at for more information.
Our HR staff intensive support new foreign employees. This guidance includes help in finding a suitable home, but they also regulate the application for the visa and residence permit, health insurance application, 30% ruling, a Dutch bank account and social security number. Everything to make the immigration smoothly for the new employee.
We also offer Dutch lessons to new foreign employees.
As an employee of ASTRON with full-time employment you are entitled to 338 hours of holiday per each calendar year. Also you receive a holiday allowance of 8% of your gross salary. If you have overwork and you work a couple of hours more, you get free time in return.
Every parent at ASTRON can use parental leave for children up to the age of eight. At ASTRON you can get a period of paid parental leave and a period of unpaid parental leave.
The pensionfund ABP regulates pension for ASTRON employees. This is the pension fund for the government. Look at for more information.

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Jurjen Sluman

Before I came to work at ASTRON, I had a job at a high-quality technology company. After that I wanted to work in a similar and challenging work environment. So I ended up at ASTRON. Here I’m dealing with a challenging and high-quality technical environment. Both in terms of hardware and software. I find the […]

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